MINU App Developer

MINU App Developer

September 25, 2022 0
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MINU is a google playstore app that allows users to create a dating profile that is stored solely on their own device, allowing for utlimate control and privacy! The app developer worked hard to ensure that the app is inclusive of gender, sexuality, relationship style, dating style and is SHAME FREE!

About the developer:
The coder behind MINU is a neurodivergent young man from Canada. He took on this project in collaboration with Empowered-Hearts.com and the owner of Aropedeevil.com who wanted a dating app that bridged the queer, kink and ethical non-monogamy communities AND allowed for as much personal control over the app as possible for each user.

This was his FIRST app, feedback is also welcome! minu@aropedeevil.com

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