Black Floggers with Sexy Red Handles

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Sexy flogger!

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Product Description
We’ve got a question for you: ever felt like your whip collection could be a little prettier? Wielding a whip is never boring, we know, but sometimes, maybe you crave some eye candy to go along with playtime? Luckily, the Ouch! Luxury Whip has that particular need fully and completely covered with a diamond patterned take on a total classic.

Nice and firm in hand thanks to a sturdy handle, the petite luxury Whip spanks, slaps and (playfully) stings with precision. A swishy fall adds lots of playful intimidation as it cracks at your command. A nice long wrist cord keeps the Whip close at all times.

In bonded (faux) leather, this play tool can be easily spot-cleaned as needed.

* The Skulls & Bones Whip measures about 15.5″ (39cm) minus the wrist cord.


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