UV (Blacklight) Safeword Sampler Kit


3 pack of erotic candles, SAFEWORD style!

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This Kit includes:
1 Red Spicey (intense) Spa Candle
1 Medium Yellow Spa Candle
1 Very Gentle Green Spa Candle

All three react to black light!

Love our candles, but want to explore more? These candles carry a special consent message, using the RED YEllow GREEN stoplight system! The red candle is spicy, with sensation lasting nearly three times as long as our signature spa candles! The green candle is EXTRA gentle, great for all those extra sensitive areas!

1 review for UV (Blacklight) Safeword Sampler Kit

  1. Chris and Janet

    These sampler packs are brilliant! Not only was it a great way to bring up the idea of safewords, but the candles themselves are so sensual! The extra gentle one really can go EVERYWHERE, (and trust me it did). The sensation of the different temperatures were a complete mind fuck. AND the wax peels of in an absolutely delightful way. HIGHLY reccomend this product. Seriously. Chris and Janet, Red Deer, AB

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