Wax Lovers Mega Erotic Wax Play Candles Kit

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$450.00 $250.00

Bulk kit of erotic wax play candles, in regular, extra gentle and spicy


We love erotic wax play candles, and our candles are made to ensure you can love wax play too! It is important when using erotic wax play candles to ensure the candles you are using melt at a low enough temperature that wax play is an erotic experience. Because every person processes temperature differently, we have three temperatures of candles for erotic wax play: Extra gentle, regular and Extra Spicy! This kit is sure to provide every safe sensation you could ask for when exploring wax play! Bright colours, lots of sensation and even UV (Blacklight) reactive candles for your wax play adventures!

This wax play kit comes with lots of candles 2 of every colour, 1 of every UV candle, plus one three pack of gentle, one three pack of intense candles.

Love the black light? Check this kit out! Not only will you get one of each of our UV reactive candles, but you also get one GLOW IN THE DARK Green, Pink or Blue (you have to use to find out which!). The same erotic journey with our low temperature candles, with the added fun of exploring your black light creativity. Includes black light flashlight.

1 UV Blue
1 UV Orange
1 UV Green
1 UIV Pink
1 UV Yellow
UV Flashlight

2 Red
2 Orange
2 yelow
2 Green
2 Blue
2 Magenta
2 Purple
2 Balck
2 White
2 Turquoise

1 3 pack gentle
1 3 pack spicy

2 reviews for Wax Lovers Mega Erotic Wax Play Candles Kit

  1. J & C Victoria

    We LOVE these candles! We bought this kit and my partner is incredibly pleased with the erotic wax play experience! She typically likes to start with the extra gentle candles, but once she is in the zone they all feel yummy (her words). I created some incredible art using the black light wax and included black light, which was also a lot of fun! If you are not sure if this wax is for you, don’t worry-you can pour this wax LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. Happy Erotic Wax Play Time! J & C (Victoria, BC)

  2. C & E

    Bought these candles for my girlfriend and I to have some fun, and WOW!! These are NOTHING like the candles you see in the sex stores. They were incredible to play with. They feel sexy, just picking them up! We used a lot, and made a tree with flower buds design that went from her mid thigh to shoulders, dripping EVERYWHERE. Then, when I went to remove the wax I was so pleasantly surprised by the way it peels up. She shivered with delight at the sensation of the wax lifting from her skin. I came up mostly in one piece!! WICKED FUN!! (Carol and Evelyn, Edmonoton, AB)

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