About Us

Welcome to Aropedeevils Corner!  We manufacture Exotique Spa Candles, (low temperature spa candles) and bondage rope.  As we have grown we have worked with other manufacturers to provide a wider variety of products for our customers.

We support ASPECC! If you have a Friendship Card, your code gets you discounts of 10% store wide! IF you have a Friends With Benefits Card you get 30% off most items!!  Use your code at check out.  Don't know your code?  Email info@aspecc.ca and get it now!

The owners are Angel Sumka and Mark Dorsey, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Both Angel and Mark are long time presenters on Alternative Lifestyles, Sex positive Culture and Consent (Check out our Presentations Page!)

When Angel began crafting low temperature candles, Mark dove in, researching candle making, the properties of various waxes, the impact of various heat sources on skin.  His efforts have led the company to their current product line, Exotique Candles, which were launched in 2016 at The Taboo Show with great success.  Mark continues to develop the candle line and to streamline the candle making process.

In their spare time, Angel and Mark develop and offer presentations on shame-free, sex positive topics.

If you have any questions email us!